Welcome to the Company Registration Portal!

The Company Registration Portal is an Internet environment that allows entrepreneurs to submit electronic applications, documents and annual reports to the Commercial Register. Applications can only be signed using your ID-card or Mobile-ID
The services available on the Company Registration Portal
The Company Registration Portal can be used to establish new businesses, non-profit organizations, state agencies or local government institutions, and to submit applications to amend, liquidate or delete registry data. It is also possible to publish the contact details of your data protection officer and communicate them to the Data Protection Inspectorate through this portal.
The company registration portal includes e-annual reporting environment which can be used for compiling, signing and submitting annual reports.
Political party members can see their party affiliation in the Company Registration Portal and submit applications to resign from the party. After providing a digital signature to the application, the applicant is automatically removed from the political party’s membership list.
The company registration portal also includes a simple web-based accounting software e-billing, which helps the start-ups and small business to organize their accounting comfortably.
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We recommend you update your ID card software
ID software enables you to prove your identity electronically – for instance, when using the services of banks, the government or various companies via the Internet. You can also sign documents digitally.
The installation of ID software.
Dear user of Windows 10
Windows 10 brings changes to using Company Registration Portal with ID-card. As ID-card support for web browser "Edge" is still at developing phase, we ask Windows 10 users to log in and sign using alternative browser or Mobile-ID